What To Feed Your Chickens


Whether you’re a seasoned chicken farmer or first time chicken adventurer, everyone who has ever reared chickens know that one of the main things we worry about is what to feed our chickens. We are not being overly cautious when we say we worry about what our chickens eat as some food that you and I would find completely normal could kill a chicken! These include raw potatoes and avocados.

So to ensure your chickens remain healthy and alive, this is what we recommend you feed them. You will not go wrong with grains of any kind, worms, seeds, grass and any sort of bugs. Chickens are omnivors and will eat both plants and meat. Normally, backyard chickens will eat any kind of table scrap from rice, bread, pumpkin and vegetables. If there is not enough of these kinds of natural food, you can always supplement your flock’s diet with commercial chicken feed. They are inexpensive and you can easily find them in your local pet stores or hardware stores.

One other thing you must not forget when planning your flock’s meals is that you should allow them to eat some sand or coarse dirt. These are important as they go straight to your chicken’s gizzard and helps them grind up the food in their stomachs. Without grit, your chickens will not be able to process their food efficiently.